Titian -The Great 16th Century Venetian Painter


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Tiziano Vecelli (c. 1485 – 1576) , better known as Titian, was a great 16th century painter who major works included portraits, religious paintings, mythological scenes, and nudes. He is best known for his development of modern portraiture, and his extraordinary use of color. Many consider Titian to be the founder of modern painting because of his influence on other masters that he inspired (El Greco, Rubens, Rembrandt, and Picasso). Though his favorite color was red, his palette was large, and Titian applied color in very novel ways. Our collection includes many of his most well known portraits including Pope Paul, Ariosto, Isabella d’Este, Laura de’Dianti, Doge Andrea Gritti, Lavinia (his daughter), King Phillip II, Charles V, Eleonora Gonzaga Delle Rovere, Empress Isabel of Portugal, Ranuccio Farnese, and Federigo II, Gonzaga. There are also 2 self-portraits, and many mythological scenes including Bacchus, Venus, and Adonis.

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