Thomas Eakins – America’s Master of Realism


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Thomas Cowperthwait Eakins (1844-1916) was an American painter who is best known for his realistic depictions of the male body. Eakins’s quest for realism led him to study anatomy and apply his research to creating works with dark lighting and realistic depictions. He endured much public scorn in his early years for his obsession with the male figure, however was recognized as a great master towards the end of his life. Our pattern set includes a self portrait, several sculling and wrestling scenes. His most recognized works including The Swimming Hole, The Gross Clinic, Baby at Play, and The Agnew Clinic are also included. There are also many portraits included such as Miss Amelia Van Buren, Portrait of Maud Cook, Maybelle, Lucy Lewis, Weda Cook, Alice Kurtz, and Walt Whitman.

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