Jan Gossaert – Flemish Painter


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Jan Gossaert (c. 1478 – 1532), also known as Jan Mabuse, was a Flemish painter best known for introducing Italian art styles to the Netherlands. He was a notable portrait artist and worked for Philip of Burgundy. An early trip to Italy had great influence on his work and he adopted ideas from classical art, ornate and Romanist styles in his later works. He is best known for statuesque nudes, numerous Madonna and Child renditions, and many portraits which are particularly notable for their expressive depiction of hands. Our pattern set collection contains many of his works including Danae, Hercules and Deianira, Lady Portrayed As Mary Magdalene, Adam and Eve, Man with a Rosary, Madonna and Child, Neptune and Amphitrite, Mary Tudor and Charles Brandon, and a self portrait.

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