Henri Rousseau – French Naïve Post-Impressionist Painter


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Henri Rousseau (1844-1910) was a French Post-Impressionist painter whose work is characterized by the term “Naïve” which implies art without a formal training or degree. Rousseau was only recognized for his self-taught generous after years of criticism for his non-serious, childish art style. One of his more popular scenes is that of jungles, yet he never left his native France to see one in person. A particular style that he invented is that of a portrait landscape which combines a view of a favorite part of the city and then adding a person into the foreground. Our pattern set of Rousseau contains many of his well-known works including “The Snake Charmer”, “The Dream”, “The Football Players”, “Malakoff”, “Tiger in a Tropical Storm”, “The Flamingoes”, “Boy on the Rocks”, and two self portraits.

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