Berthe Morisot – Female Impressionist


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Berthe Morisot was a 19th century French painter in a talented group known as the Impressionists. She had a close acquaintance with Édouard Manet, another well-known impressionist painter, and married his brother, Eugene. Their daughter, Julie, became the subject of many of Berthe’s paintings. Probably because she was female, her work was undervalued for over a century. She is now considered among the most elite of the impressionists. Our SegPlayPC set contains 30 of her best works, which demonstrate her focus on the intimacy of family and domestic life. We’ve included The Cradle, Grain Field, The Harbor at Lorient, Chasing Butterflies, Summer Day, Young Girl with Cage, The Cheval Glass, The Dining Room, Mother and Sister of the Artist Reading and Woman at her Toilet.

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