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The word ‘winter’ doesn’t just refer to a physical season; it also speaks of a specific category of personal coloring. According to the Sci/Art personal color analysis system, there are twelve color seasons; everyone fits into one: True Winter, Bright Winter, Dark Winter, True Autumn, Dark Autumn, Soft Autumn, True Spring, Bright Spring, Light Spring, True Summer, Light Summer, and Soft Summer. Of these twelve seasons, the three different types of Winter are the most common. In other words, the majority of people who are assessed by a professional color analyst are diagnosed as one of the three Winter seasons.

Are you a “Winter”? Would you like to find out what Winter-type people look like and what clothing and makeup colors suit them best? If so, read on!

What Does a Person with True Winter Coloring Look Like?

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Have you ever been deemed a Winter by a makeup or fashion aficionado, or perhaps declared yourself one? If so, perhaps you are a person of high-contrast coloring: dark hair and light skin (think Elizabeth Taylor or Vivien Leigh). While this type of coloring is common in a Winter person, Winters can have hair and skin of just about any shade and tone. What matters in diagnosing a Winter is NOT his or her personal coloring (whether he or she has blue or green eyes or black or blonde hair). What matters are the colors that make his or her hair shine, skin glow, and eyes sparkle. If colors from the True Winter color palette make a person come into focus and appear healthy more effectively than colors from any other palette, then that person is a Winter.

What Clothing Colors Look Best on a True Winter?

Someone who belongs to the Winter color season will look best in purely cool clothing and makeup colors, even though this individual may have an olive complexion. Winters look sallow and virus-ridden when they are dressed in the wrong colors, but capable and stunning in the correct shades. Here are a few of the very WORST colors a Winter can wear:

  • Orange
  • Gold
  • Cocoa brown
  • Olive green
  • Rust red

(In other words, anything with even a hint of warmth.)

Conversely, here are some of a Winter person’s BEST clothing colors:

  • Icy pink
  • Cool red
  • Black
  • Purple
  • Navy blue
  • Optic white

Learn more about a Winter person’s best clothing colors here.

What Makeup Looks Best on a Winter Woman?

The right shades of makeup render a Winter woman gorgeous; the wrong ones make her fade into the background or even disappear altogether. For a Winter, color analyst Christine Scaman suggests blush and lipstick in shades of fuchsia, dark plum, ruby, and crimson. To those who are hesitant to wear such intense shades, Christine says, “Begin with sheer colours, but don’t compromise the colour. Your makeup will be invisible, or else it will be noticeable as some warm, wishy-washy shade on your skin tone.” Read more about True Winter makeup in her article Best Makeup Colors: True Winter.

True Winter people are often as striking and awe-inspiring as their color palette is. These take-charge individuals commonly become passionate about personal color analysis once they grasp how powerfully it can benefit them.

Learn More About Personal Color Analysis

Interested in learning more about personal color analysis, the True Winter season, and where you might fit on the seasonal spectrum? If so, read our exclusive interview with color analyst Cate Linden.

Do you believe you are a Winter person? If so, why? Share your thoughts and questions with us in the section below.

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