I have been using Segmation products for many years, probably since the 1990s. I can’t really say enough about how much I have enjoyed “painting” with SegPlay PC. I often recommend it to my Friends. There is a wide variety of Patterns including Old Masters, Modern Art, Photographs and Clip Art. I have painted almost all of the PC sets and some of the mobile sets for Android on my phone. Segmation also offers sets for iPad. The App and Mobile sets are available at the App Store and at Google Play and the PC sets can be purchased from the Segmation store. I love the colorful images and the variety of ways to Paint. You can choose to paint any way you like instead of just by the numbers and you can vary the transparency and texture. I find this very relaxing. You can “paint” while watching TV, listening to music, while waiting at an airport, bus stop, in a doctors office, at a restaurant, etc. The Mobile sets are small and easy to finish so they are especially ideal for those times when you are waiting. I have not used the Mobile for very long and only have tried a few images but this is a very convenient, colorful way to “paint”. Coloring and painting is now becoming a very popular pastime for adults but children will also especially enjoy the colorful Clip Art collections. I look forward to many more beautiful Segmation Sets!

Barbara Ribling

My kids love SegPlay Mobile. They concentrate on painting, and I can enjoy the silence. Driving has once again become a pleasure. Kudos to the developer for a fun and entertaining app!

Peter Uth

I love the Right as Rain series. Some beautiful photography for us to paint.

Marla BartelmieFacebook

Very therapeutic.

Mari SilberFacebook

Right as Rain by Segmation, WOW! Simply stunning and not all what I would think of as a set. Outstanding. Thanks for great fun, Segplay!

Phillip Vinter MollerFacebook

As I paint I like to play with Segmation around with colours on my PC…This is an easy way to relax without needing a brush!

Eve WeatherleySuffolk, United Kingdom

I played around with the online version for a few days and then decided to go ahead and buy the Segmation SegPlay® PC version. I am so glad that I did! I absolutely love the program and will be buying additional Segmation patterns soon. A Very Happy Customer.

Sherry FranklinHubbard, Texas

One of my minors in college was art so I am very familiar with a lot of the artists and their masterpieces. While I’m using your Segmation program I have a peace of mind while ironically feeling addicted to complete each work of art I begin. A big plus is I do not make a mess of my art room by bringing out all the paper, mediums, etc. to create my own works of art.

Belinda ManginelliPort Orange, Florida

I love SegPlay. I find myself using it as a fun mind challenge when I have nothing else to do. My mother loves it too.

Lori MatthiesPrior Lake, Minnesota

I thoroughly enjoy all the pattern sets that I’ve purchased from Segmation. Keep the pattern sets coming and know that we frustrated artists out here will keep buying them.

Bill AveryReno, Nevada

My grandkids just love painting Segmation. So do I.

Nancy RuhlGresham, Oregon

I’ve purchased several Segmation packages through the years. They’re very relaxing. Thank you Segmation!

Debby StantonSand Springs, Oklahoma