You’d expect us to say nice things about ourselves – it’s only natural. But the real story comes from the folks who play with our software. Check these company reviews:

…believe me when I say this is one of the greatest programs out today. I love watching the beautiful pictures come to life. Oh and by the way the staff are awesome as well, no more waiting days or weeks for answers to any questions, a simple email and it will be answered timely by knowledgeable and helpful staff to help you get the most out of the game.

Charlotte GoodgameCleveland, Ohio

LOL I love love love this game. with 2 kids under 2, and only one hour a day to myself, its my way to unwind. I play every night

Meghan Hitchcock

I love this program! I first downloaded this program years ago and loved it. It helps me organize my thoughts and focus. The first free download comes with plenty of sample pictures, and truly gets you hooked. Then there are a large number of categories of additional art, and many new pictures within those categories. Best part, the cost of additional packs are very reasonable!

O’SheatooChicago, Illinois

I love Segmation! I have been playing it for several years now, I love the variety of all the patterns, there is something for everybody.

I am disabled so I don’t get out a lot, and the paint by numbers that Segmation offers is a wonderful way to pass this time, I am addicted to them. Best paint by number program that I have found.

Judie Earlley

Best paint by number app ANYWHERE! I had a problem with the newest version for my Apple iPad/iPod and quick received help. This is one quality company. I have used SegPlay and Segmation for many years and have always received great value for my money. Today this company walked me through fixing my Apple app. Thanks!

Elizabeth UhlsIndianapolis, Indiana

I bought SegPlay for PC a few years ago and never imagined how much I’d enjoy playing with it. The patterns range from easy to incredibly difficult, from funny to nature scenes to masterpieces of art. It’s so relaxing to turn on some music and lose myself in filling in colours and seeing the painting come to life.

I also appreciate that it’s possible to change the font and size of font used for the numbers. It makes it even more relaxing when you don’t have to strain to read tiny writing.

I recently bought a new computer and had a terrible time getting SegPlay to work on my PC, but after an email to Segmation, they talked me through getting it set up so I could get back to having fun.

SarahLancashire, UK

Buying Segmation has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Apart from the obvious pleasure that those of us not blessed with artistic talent get from creating a work of art, or a picture from a photograph, Segmation is remarkably therapeutic. I suffer with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and my brain tends to clog up, as it were. The gentle matching of colours to numbers is just perfect for soothing the mind and getting back on track. My son says I’m much happier now that I can immerse myself in Segmation for a while.

It has made a huge difference in my life, and I wouldn’t be without it.

Jennifer Coleman

Love this app, the artwork, and the detail. I wish I could give this app five stars…

Update: I’m revising my original review, as the developers have been working hard to accommodate what users have mainly been talking about, the need to have the game automatically save a puzzle in progress on the iPad. And apparently, it now does exactly that! I tested it a few times with varying lengths of time to see if a puzzle would save and it works great. I’m very happy overall with this app. Puzzle packs are inexpensive, easy to download, and easy to play. Good job…five stars from me!

Judy Keropian

I have been a fan of SegPlay PC for many, many years. It is totally addictive and fun. One of the things I like the most about the company is new patterns are so reasonably priced. They don’t get you addicted and then charge outrageous prices. When I’ve changed computers they’ve been great about giving me support. All in all, it’s my favorite thing to do while watching tv. Wonderful product, wonderful company, wonderful fun.

Barbara Estes

I love SegPlay & have played it for many years. I have so many different patterns to color & it’s very relaxing! If I run into a problem help is only a click away & the response time is great! I look forward to many more years of playing!

Marge LeMire

We love painting the masters and all the rest of the silly and the beautiful pictures. So much fun! The colors, the sounds, the finished painting, so calming and addictive. I count on this app to keep busy and engaged. I have learned to manipulate the pic to enlarge for smaller areas. It helps focusing and remembering a number and find the matching number multiple times in the painting. And you have fantastic results for your effort when finished. I hope Segmation continues to provide more and more paintings for us so we can continue to express our creativity.

Sheryl McManus

I absolutely LOVE this app! I have it on my iPad and my iPhone, and I use it a lot. I would say that I’m addicted to it! The company actually reads my emails and responded back quickly– which is outstanding…

The app is very entertaining and is easy to use. I especially like the ChromaBlend, Landscapes and Dogs and Cats patterns and look forward to each new pattern release. Good job, Segmation! Keep them coming!

Kathy Kasavage