Mark Feldman, Founder

Can you ever REALLY know someone?

We took a brilliant Silicon Valley guy with decades of experience in image processing science, high-performance graphics software development, and negvxt generation cell phone graphics technology. We dragged him away from his work at companies like Agtek, StereoGraphics, Autodesk, Xaos Tools, Iterated Systems, and Qualcomm and forced him to find ways to entertain himself.

We told him he couldn’t write more papers for SPIE – the International Society For Optics And Photonics or research new and innovative image processing algorithms. Then we informed him that – despite his four patents on Interdigitation, Format Converting, and Plano-Stereoscopic DVD Movies – he had to find some way to relax.

Even before he’d finished hyperventilating, Mark had created the most sophisticated form of relaxation to be found in online gaming today: Digital paint by numbers.

Out of his childhood memories came the rainy day distractions provided by spilling paint on the kitchen floor. He remembered the fun, the creativity, and the sheer joy and feelings of accomplishment as he’d paint pictures of food, clowns, dogs, presidents, and everything else imaginable.

Starting with a remembrance of this simple youthful pleasure, he combined the technology experience he’d gained from diverse areas such as image compression and processing, CAD/Solid modeling, ray tracers, Photoshop plug-ins, plotting, and stereo vision. Then he did an overlay of graphics C++, C#, Java development using state of the APIs such as DirectX and OpenGL and gaming engines such as Unity 3D.

Finally, and just for grins, he tossed in his in-depth background in image processing/compression, color science, game development, video, raster and vector graphics, stereo processing, and computer-aided design applications.

The result: The finest in quality and high performance, which now appear in Segmation’s software products.


Beth Ostrov, Vice President

Segmation offers thousands of patterns, hundreds of sets that can be ordered, in dozens of categories, and organized in two collections. Our software and patterns are available for desktop, laptop and mobile devices galore.

We have free samples, a significant presence on Facebook, chat groups, and more stuff to keep straight than you can shake a stick at…if THAT’s your idea of a good time.

Good thing we’ve got Beth, who seems to be the one person capable of keeping us both focused and organized.

Beth is the only one around our place who makes sure work around Segmation actually gets done on time and that very few things fall between the cracks. She’s goal-oriented, self-disciplined, and helps us set – and stick to – our priorities.

Beth also is our social voice tweeting exciting topics on Twitter, describing fun art topics on our Outside the Lines Blog, and Segmation Facebook Page. All on a daily basis!

But there’s no pressure there!

This competent and experienced administrative professional combines her background in engineering, mortgage, and legal industries with her demonstrable computer and communication skills to anticipate, meet and exceed customer desires at every turn.

Resourceful and committed to putting a smile on a customer’s face, Beth is happiest of all when she’s faced with a challenge that needs to be solved.

So the question becomes…what can she do for YOU today?