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Segmation is a place where people from around the globe meet to relax, refresh, and renew themselves amidst the simple pleasures that come from painting by numbers. It’s all about the pleasures of Adult Coloring with Paint by Numbers.

You too can discover and explore every facet of your creative side in an enjoyable, stress-free environment. And thanks to Segmation’s technology of tomorrow, everyone – from age 5 to 95 – can create a masterpiece.

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Easel Dutch Master HorseThink of it – two minutes from now you can be painting works by the masters. Michelangelo. Monet. Van Gogh. Rembrandt. Your work will be flawless and suitable for framing when completed. It’s easy. It’s fun!

Not interested in the Dutch Masters? Maybe you prefer something more whimsical. Within moments, without lifting pen or brush, you’ll be coloring cartoon characters, animals, or greetings suitable for every season.

You’ll be painting contemporary and traditional designs, decorations, and logos. Just sit at your computer, pick up your mouse, and…voilà!

Enjoy our flower series. Try your hand coloring a state flag. Explore the world of sports. Delve into science. Or walk with the giants of history. Hey, we’ve even got vintage cars!

Digital color by numbers is an interactive creative experience that’s almost impossible to duplicate. With dozens of pattern categories to choose from and thousands of patterns to paint, Segmation makes it possible – and easy – to work with images that are simple or complex, whether they originated from photos, paintings, or illustrations.

We’ll even let you choose alternative colors and apply textures, making every work of art you do truly one-of-a-kind. Whether you’re painting your own inspired designs or masterpieces of the greatest artists in history, getting started is easy.

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