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Download SegPlay PC

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All of our downloads are provided in self-installing (.exe) format, so you can run any installation directly from your browser. If you experience problems downloading or installing our products, please contact us at support@segmation.com.

Security/Privacy note: Windows XP/SP2 has features to warn you about downloading or opening files which might have been altered. When you are downloading software products from the Segmation™ website no such risk arises, since no other party has had any opportunity to tamper with our files.

Here’s the current release of SegPlay® PC – version 1.8 (January 5, 2010). Please note: If you already have installed SegPlay® PC, you can install the latest version without needing to uninstall the previous version. Also if you’ve already authorized your copy of SegPlay® PC, you will not need to re-authorize.

PC Requirements:

Download the current version of SegPlayPC.exe v1.8 (~18.5 MB setup)

Time to download and install varies on your internet connection. It may take up to 15 to 30 minutes to fully install.

This version will work for ten days and allow you to explore the many features of SegPlay® PC . If you have an authorization code, you will be able to enter it and use the program with no restrictions.

If you are unable to download, please note that a full CD version of SegPlay® PC is available for sale at our Segmation Store.

Pattern Set Downloads:

We are proud to offer a wide selection of pattern sets that you can use with SegPlay® PC. Our collection of themed sets (over 200 sets available!) include famous artists, natural photography, and illustrations. Check here for information about downloading additional patterns.

Special offer:

We’ve recently teamed up with TrialPay and are now able to offer you a special opportunity to get SegPlay® PC for FREE!

Click here to find out more about this offer.

Software Listing Web Sites

If you have a shareware/software download Web site, and you want to add SegPlay® PC, our up-to-date PAD (Portable application Description) file can be found at http://www.segmation.com/PAD/SegPlayPCPAD.xml.


All our software is 100% virus, spyware and adware free.

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