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Meet SegPlay® Online – the fastest and finest way to sharpen your artistic sensitivity and broaden your color vocabulary in minutes, as only fine art can. It’s about to become your daily obsession…and all from the convenience of your computer.

Since 1998 we’ve been watching uncountable numbers of family members, friends, and families of friends become enthralled, entertained and absorbed in completing patterns from thousands of selections organized into over 200 categories.

These converts to online painting by numbers have discovered SegPlay®’s unique coloring process, amazing detail, and intense beauty. They’ve been entertained, absorbed, and in many cases obsessed with making all the ones red and the twos blue.

Some of them have taken days to color in a single pattern. Others have used our free timer to turn it into a contest, learning about painting, graphics, art, and the unique ways that colors blend’all within a specific number of minutes.

Not surprisingly, those who couldn’t finish a chosen pattern within their allotted time would continue returning repeatedly until they got it right.

And did we mention the dozens of homemade images, photos and artwork that get sent to us daily, many of which have been added to the collection for others to enjoy?

Here’s your chance to join in the fun! Take a minute to check out both versions of SegPlay® Online – our original Java program and the new Flash version with a larger painting area and some great new features.

Or try SegPlay® Online for yourself – now, and TOTALLY FREE! And don’t forget to join the online community of SegPlay users.

Experience the finest photorealistic, online paint-by-number coloring available anywhere on the web.

SegPlay® – it’s the greatest innovation to the art world since the invention of the paintbrush.

Play SegPlay Online Now!