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Welcome to SegPlay®Online…the pieceful way to play with pictures on the Web!

Our online collection is organized into many categories that make it easy to find the perfect pattern to color. Select the picture to launch our original SegPlay® program or select the Flash button to try our new SegPlay® Flash program.

It's recommended that you set your screen resolution to a 800 x 600 or larger resolution in order to fully enjoy your painting experience with both SegPlay® and SegPlay® Flash.

Here’s how it works:

1. Choose a Pattern Set

Click on a link in the box below to display the images available for coloring. The images will appear below the pattern set list on this page.

2. Choose a Pattern

Browse through the images in the set you are viewing, then click on the image you want to color. The SegPlay® Online program will launch automatically..

3. Have Fun!

Choose a Pattern Category

(RED) DreamWeaver Designs Liza Phoenix Fantasy Art Saint Patrick's Day
3DScience Easter Lois Ostrov Salvador Dali
Abstract Edvard Munch Lou Marchant San Mateo Birding
Alex Dukal Eiffel Tower Love Scott Westmoreland
Alfred Gockel Elegant Lynda Roberts Shawn Kearney
American Spirit Elvis Lynn Fecteau Shelly Rasche
Amy Brown Fantasy Art Evelyn Jenkins Drew Maggie Barnes Silence Speaks
Andrew Hathaway Figurines Male Actors Silver Dragon's Cave
Andy Warhol Flora Mandala Visions Simpsons
Angelcat Avenue Football Mark Gettys Skies
Angels Forrest James Kaiser Mark Rothko Snakes
AnimaDoodle Fortune Tellers Mary Cassatt Snowdove Shelties
Animals Fourth of July Masaaki Kazama Soccer
Ansel Adams Fresh Water Fish Masao Ota Gallery Sophie Harding
Australian Folk Art Frida Kahlo Matissimo by Leslie Newman Sponge Bob
Autumn Scenes Friends and Family Max Laigneau Stan Levine
Babies Frogs Mice Statue of Liberty
Ballooning Fruit Michelle Vauk Structures
Barbara Burger G. Tovar Miscellanous Sun
Barbara Ribling Georgia Okeeffe Monet Susan Richardson
Baseball Gina Dawn Kinnard Monopoly Pieces Swimming
Basketball Golden Gate Bridge Mother's Day Szczepan Sadurski
BBQ Grant Wood Mountains Teapots
Beach Scenes Hair Style Ms. Redick's Class Ted F. Remington
Bernard Hoyes Halloween Natasha Wescoat Telescopes
Bicycling Harry Potter Neal Aspinall Terri Hansen
Billiards Hats Nel Whatmore Thanks For Nothing
Birds Hearts New Year's Eve Thanksgiving
Birthday Fun Henri Matisse Old Town The Clayman's Funhouse
BJ Sullivan Hexagons Oliver Marchand Theo Cobb
Bob Staake Hip Shot Patrick Waldron Tigers
Bowling Hockey Pavel Nechiporenko Tom Slaughter
Brian Clarke Horses Peanuts Toy Story
Brooklyn Bridge Ice Cream Pentagons Toys
Butterflies Imaginary Photo Company Piano Trains
Cactus Indian Shields by Trajian Picasso Trapezoids
Cars Jasper Johns Pierre-Auguste Renoir Tropical Fish
Castles Jennifer Goldberger Piet Mondrian Tulum
Cathe McNiel Jet City Orange Pizza Twirl
Cats JigCard Gallery Planet Earth Valentine's Day
CÚzanne John Earl Bowser Polperro Harbour Van Gogh
Chocolate John Zaccheo Presidents Vikings
Christmas Joker's Wild Rabi Khan Walt Disney World
Clowns Jonathan Allen Cummings Rain Wassily Kandinsky
Coca Cola Jordanka Yaretz Rainbows Waterfalls
Colorful Cows Joseph Holston Rebecca Lynn Watermelon
Country Scenes Judy Romanek Rene Joseph Waterside
Cows Justin Bua RenÚ Magritte Wave Formula
Cuba Kat Caverly, The Funny Pictures Lady Rhonda Grossman Wendy Anne Designs
Curious George Keith Haring Robert J. Williams Wild Animals
Currency Kites Robert LaDuke Wild Flowers
Curtoons Lauri Kraft Rocky DeKoven Willemijn Bouman
D. D. Ike Leaning Tower of Pisa Ron Wheeler Yummies
Diego Rivera Lee Fortier Ronda Ahrens Zodiac
Doctor Fun Leonardo Da Vinci Roy Lichtenstein
Dogs Lighthouses Ruth Doyle
Don Paulson Linda Carter-Holman Sailing

Circular Formes Homage to Kandinsky Signs in Yellow The Dark Side II Cool Jazz Volcano Flora on the Sand Ready for Lift Off Blue Light Yellow-Red-Blue
Circular Formes The Dark Side II banner banner banner banner banner banner banner banner banner banner
Circular Formes Homage to Kandinsky Signs in Yellow The Dark Side II Cool Jazz Volcano Flora on the Sand Ready for Lift Off Blue Light Yellow-Red-Blue
easy medium medium easy medium medium medium medium tough medium
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