Francisco Zurbarán (1598 - 1664) was a Spanish Painter who is primarily known for his religious oriented works of art which were depicted using a realistic style called chiaroscuro (contrasting light and dark areas).. The set title lays reference to the Italian painter Caravaggio who also excelled at chiaroscuro. Another characteristic in Zurbarán’s paintings is his renditions of drapes and robes. His subjects were usually a single figure of a religious theme. Our pattern set includes most of his most recognized works including Christ and the Virgin in the House of Nazareth, Saint Francis, The Death of St. Bonaventure, St. Apollonia, Madonna with Child, L'Annonciation, Agnus Dei ,Saint Serapion, Saint Rufina, The Young Virgin, and St. Casilda of Burgos. There is also a self-portrait included.

Patterns Included In This Set:


Self Portrait

The Birth of a Virgin

Christ and the Virgin in the House of Nazareth


Saint Luke as a Painter before Christ on the Cross


St. Casilda of Burgos


Saint Francis

Immaculada Concepcion

Saint Serapion


The Death of St. Bonaventure

The Young Virgin

Saint Francis in Meditiation


Saint Rufina

Still Life with Pottery Jars

St. Apollonia


The Apostle

The Meditation of St. Francis

The Apparition of the Apostle St. Peter


Rest on the Flight to Egypt

Madonna with Child

St. Margaret


Still Life with Lemons, Oranges, and a Rose

Agnus Dei

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Francisco de Zurbaran (November 7, 1598 - August 27, 1664) was a Spanish Baroque painter who specialized in naturalistic portraits of religious figures. A contemporary of Velasquez, his use of chiaroscuro in paintings of monks, nuns and martyrs won him the moniker "Spanish Caravaggio."

Zurbaran was born at Fuente de Cantos in Extremadura, a province on the border with Portugal. His father was a haberdasher who sent his son, then aged 16, to Seville to work as an apprentice to the artist Pedro Dia

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