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Segmation Art Newsletter

October 2016

Animal Mascots

Color our awesome and orginal superheroes! - Fifty Foot man, Beaverman, Cupcake Woman, and more!

Horsing Around

You'll find our horses quite still, tame and friendly. Perfect poses for coloring!

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3 Ways to "Unblock" Yourself Artistically

Are you an artist? If so, you’ve undoubtedly experienced the frustration of a creative dry spell or two (or two dozen).

Creative blocks are encountered fairly regularly by nearly every artistic person.

How do you unblock yourself artistically?

For example, songwriters temporarily lose the ability to effortlessly write good songs.

Painters are just not able to create magic with their brushes.

Illustrators cease to create engaging characters and drawings that capture the imagination.

The question is not “will I, an artist, experience creative blocks?”

The question IS “what will I do when I can’t seem to create my art with ease? How will I get back on my game quickly?”

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