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Segmation: The Art of Pieceful Imaging
July 2011
Volume 5, Number 7

New SegPlay®PC Patterns
There's two new SegPlay®PC pattern collections available this month. The first set is Beach Fun. Enjoy a relaxing day at the beach - being outdoors with the sun, sand, and surf. There are lots of fun activities to keep you busy including volleyball, sailing, windsurfing, swimming, playing with beach balls, fishing, building sand castles, watching the sun set, or doing nothing at all except working on your tan. Our Beach Fun pattern set has a great set of images which capture this experience splendidly… and there's no suntan oil needed!
Beach Fun

The second new SegPlay®PC set available this month is Nicolas Poussin - French Classical Painter. Nicolas Poussin (1594 - 1665) was a French classical painter. His style consists of clarity, logic, and order, and favors line over color. He is considered the greatest French artist of the 17th century and one of the founders of European classicism which has its roots in antique and Renaissance heritage. Many of his works show an authoritative interpretations of ancient history and Greek and Roman mythological figures as well as biblical scenes. Our collection patterns includes two self portraits, the set of his Four Seasons, paintings, and wide cross section of other pieces. These include Adoration of the Golden Calf, Nymph Syrinx Pursued by Pan, Ideal Landscape, Israelites Gathering Manna, The Judgement of Solomon, and A Dance to the Music of Time. Nicolas Poussin - French Classical Painter

Segmation News

We switched our store over to a service this month..hoping to make it easy to add new sets and offer some new features and bundles. Still some tweaking left to do. We appreciate the comments on the new shopping cart and presentation. The new store can be found here.

Getting closer to finishing our next generation version of SegPlay®PC. Plenty of new features and a great looking interface. Thanks for all the suggestions which we're trying to add in...we expect to share some of its features in the next month or so. Hopefully Beta testing will begin in late August. We'll make sure all SegPlayPC pattern sets will work and be transferable.

We've been posting many art related articles on our blog ( and also on our Facebook page ( Updated stories and comments are being made on a nearly daily basis now. We're also throwing in some hints about upcoming pattern sets. Pay us a visit, become our friend, and feel free to follow us there. Thanks to those of you who leave those kind comments. They're greatly appreciated!

Once again our website is being revamped - a new look and easier to use navigation. Should be on-line in the Fall.

We're always looking for more appealing art pieces for our SegPlay®PC paint by number collection. If you are an aspiring artist, illustrator, or photographer and am interested in collaborating on a pattern set, drop us an email

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Happy painting...hope all are enjoying their summers!
-Mark & Beth


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From our Outside the Lines™ Blog:

What are your Summer Colors?

Thinking about summer usually evokes thoughts of vibrant colors and warm temperatures. In fact, mental flashes with shades of yellow, sky blue and soft orange can be tormenting during drab winter months. Let's face it, a 90 degree summer day is the only appropriate time to pull out the yellow linen table cloth, light blue Bahama-shorts and fill your drink glass with colorful fruits...

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Artist Of The Month:
Nicolas Poussin - French Classical Painter

Nicolas Poussin

Nicolas Poussin (15 June, 1594 – 19 November 1665) was a French classical painter in the Baroque style who lived and worked in Rome. His poetic interpretation of classical subjects influenced Ingres and David, as well as later generations of French classical artists.

Poussin was born in the small town of Les Andelys in Normandy. His parents were not wealthy, having been impoverished by unpaid military service to a series of French kings. The young Nicolas studied Latin, science and literature. Poussin's drawing skills were quickly noticed by a local painter, who took him on as a pupil; however, at the age of eighteen he ran away to Paris where he stayed until 1624 and studied in the studios of Flemish painter Ferdinand Elle, and Georges Lallemand, a minor French mannerist painter. He also became familiar with the classical works of the Italian High Renaissance and was especially influenced by the paintings of Raphael.

After several failed attempts to settle in Rome, in 1624 Giambattista Marino, court poet to Marie de Medicis, helped Poussin gain a foothold in the city. Except for a forced period in Paris from 1640-42, Poussin would spend all of his life in Rome.

With Marino's backing, Poussin's luck changed. He was introduced to the city's artistic and literary community, and by 1628 he received a commission to paint the Martyrdom of St. Erasmus, an altar piece for a chapel in St. Peter's Cathedral, a commission secured by the pope's nephew, Cardinal Barberini. But the painting was not a success with Rome's artistic community, perhaps because the Italian Baroque artists resented the intrusion of a Frenchman into what they considered to be "their territory." Disappointed, Poussin never painted another altar piece preferring only medium scale works for private patrons.

Poussin was 30 when he arrived in Rome and after completing the St. Erasmus altar piece he fell ill. He lodged in the household of Jacques Dughet, a French expatriate art restorer. Poussin fell in love with Dughet's daughter, Anne-Marie and they married in 1630. Although the couple did not have any children, Anne-Marie's younger brother was a talented landscape painter who became so close to Poussin that he took on his surname.

In the mid-1630s Poussin drew his inspiration from classical history and opposed the prevalent Baroque style. His subjects were derived from Roman antiquity and he was heavily influenced by the works of Raphael.

By 1638 Cardinal Richelieu of France began to notice Poussin's works and tried to persuade the artist to return to France to take royal commissions for King Louis XIII. Poussin was in no great hurry to return and managed to avoid the offer until threats from the French court forced him to come to Paris in 1640. For the next two years, Poussin worked on the decorations of the Louvre palace, painted altar pieces and produced cartoons for Gobelin tapestries. Poussin made many enemies in Paris. Jealousy from fellow artists and clashes of artistic ideals with his royal patrons put him under great pressure and in 1642 he asked the king for temporary leave to see his wife. Cardinal Richelieu died later that year and King Louis XIII passed away in early 1643. Poussin never returned to France.

Poussin's works of the 1640s and 1650s continued in the Greek and Roman genre he had developed before leaving for Paris. Now though the main theme concerned difficult moral choices, and times of personal crisis.

Nicolas Poussin's health began to decline from around 1660 and by 1665 he was unable to paint. His beloved wife Anne-Marie had died in 1665 and Poussin, heartbroken, did not survive her by very long. Poussin was buried in the church of San Lorenzo in Lucina.

You can find a large collection of Nicolas Poussin patterns to use with SegPlay®PC  here.

Art in the News:
The Van Gogh was the Artist's Brother
Source: Miami Herald

An expert at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam claims that one of the artist's self-portraits is actually a portrait of his brother, Theo. The portrait was painted in 1887 and had long been stored in the museum without going on display.

Linda Snoek, the museum's spokeswoman said that scholars had considered it strange Vincent never painted a portrait of his brother Theo, considering how close the two brothers were. She said that although Vincent and Theo closely resembled each other, it was possible to distinguish Theo through physical differences with known self portraits painted by Van Gogh and paintings of him by other artists.

Mona Lisa Won't be Going to Florence
Source: Daily Telegraph

A request by Florence's Uffizi Gallery to exhibit the Mona Lisa in Florence, where the masterpiece was painted 500 years ago, was turned down by France's Louvre museum.

A spokesman for the Louvre declared that it is not possible to loan the painting for exhibition due to its fragile condition. It seems that the wooden panel on which Leonardo's masterpiece is painted has curved and cracked over time. The Louvre fears that the enigmatic lady would not survive the trip to Italy.

Outside the Lines
Art Trivia

Norwegian painter Edvard Munch appears on the Norwegian 1,000 Kroner banknote along with pictures inspired by his artwork.

At Georgia O'Keefe's first exhibition in New York City in 1922 all the paintings exhibited were unsigned and had no titles.

French painter Henri Rousseau, who had no formal art training, began to paint when he was forty years old.

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