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Our Company

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We’re just kids at heart at our company called Segmation!

That’s why we first started Segmation™ in the early 1990s. It was a way of modernizing the childhood classic of painting by numbers.

Originally marketed as a stand-alone shareware product (PhotoPat by Rainbow Scan), the color and number pattern technology we originally developed was very rough.

But hey – we had our first real product out there, so it was all good, right? And with our first success under our belts, we immediately started working on more features to refine and improve the product.

Then came 1998!

With lots of user feedback and support in hand, we finally felt ready for prime time. Segmation, with a bunch of new ways to use the basic algorithm, industry formats, palettes, and patterns, was introduced to an unsuspecting world.

Segmation was a Photoshop Plug-in marketed for us by Xaos Tools, and it let us enable legions of graphic artists to discover the simplicity and beauty hidden in their images.

When added to the wonderful ability to design with centuries old tessellation patterns, Segmation™ was acclaimed a HUGE success!

Shortly after…

In the spirit of the free internet, we pulled together a fun online activity called SegPlay which allowed anyone with an internet browser to color a pattern from our growing collection. It offered near infinite pan and zoom navigation, and soon it became a wildly popular Java Applet beyond our dreams as a destination for visitors to get their daily painting fix.

A mere seven years later…

We’d put together SegPlay® PC – a computerized paint-by-numbers program for Windows desktop computers. Our company was growing up, and we now offered 20 images and a host of powerful features suitable for both artsy types and casual gamers. Month after month, year after year, we created wonderful sets of engaging patterns to add to our awesome collection.

Suddenly we found the industry turning to us to lead the way with a new computing hobby that couldn’t have even been imagined 50 years ago.

But wait…there’s more!

Success begets success, and the little company that could was no exception to that rule.

Each new SegPlay version we introduced was better than our previous efforts, and great things leapt from our development team, including:

So here we are today…

With over 6500 digital images in over 320 sets available for just pennies apiece. Segmation LLC with it’s Segmation Technology remains an energetic company with a talented leadership team who remain focused on bringing original scientific image-processing research into fun and creative products.

As you’d expect, the company continues promoting its fascinating artistic techniques with new generations of software and future creative craft offerings. We’ve also become universally recognized as the leader in digital paint-by-numbers applications.

Segmation’s color palettes has helped turn our simple idea into the perfect application for anyone with an interest in art, education, gaming, puzzles, cognitive issues, or just keeping your mind sharp.

What it all comes down to:

There’s no better way to relax and unwind after a long day than by coloring a Segmation image. It’s the perfect way to spend a spare hour or two. Regardless of the language you speak. Whatever country you’re in. And whatever age you are…or think you are.

Get it for free!

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And if you’re not yet ready to buy the software, we’ll give you a free download. That’s how confident we are that you’ll love it.

Hey, you don’t have to believe us when we say Segmation is great – listen to what our customers have to say!