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Segmation Door Hanger!

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Community Door Hanger – Because Every Artist Needs Creative Space

Segmation Community Door HangerYou’re concentrating on painting that critical corner of the Mona Lisa. The phone’s shut off, a snack is nearby to encourage your creativity.


Suddenly the door explodes open, disrupting your creativity. Talking. Shouting. Cell phones and stray sounds disrupt your flow. Questions that can wait distract your efforts. All thoughts of Mona Lisa’s smile fly from your mind.


Perfect for painting by numbers and for other creative, artistic activities, this warning notice could have prevented the problem, giving you the creative space you need and controlling when you invite the world back in.

Printed on sturdy cover stock, it’s a great way to stay in the SegPlay Painting Zone, both physically and mentally, until your creative moment is completed.

Colorful and double-sided, the Segmation Door Hanger has been developed to last for years. It fits every size and shape of door knob, and is the perfect tool to keep the serious painter Painting By Numbers for hours on end.

Your limited edition door hanger will be on its way to you via first class mail the moment we process your order. And at just two dollars (including postage), it’s the best guarantee in the world that you’ll stay creative when the moment strikes.

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